Time: 05:00
River: Skykomish
Reel: Pflueger Trion 30
Rod: Okuma Celilo 9' 6"

Chipotle, the place one profusely enjoys dining, prior to the destruction of their entire underwear collection. Quite possibly the only restaurant one shall return to recant the experience, closest friends in arm. If you have no reference point, please watch South Park. Anyhow, this is the main reason why you find the latest report in front of you, like the Sunday Paper each week. To answer your questions like "where has Reel Priorities been lately?" and "who in the right mind goes fishing at 4:00 in the morning?" in all actuality, I haven't the slightest, other than drinking too much whey protein for my own good, and spending too much time around Gold's Gym.

Upon entering the drink section of Chipotle in Redmond, I received a tap on the shoulder from someone. "Why haven't you been posting lately on Washington Lakes?" To my surprise, someone was actually listening... Fox, thank you for the reminder to fight the good fight and continue to write the feed for our fellow weekend warriors and latent Steelhead anglers.

Gold Bar Park and Ride at 4 o'clock, 7 Rvrfshr Spoons, one spool of Maxima Ultragreen, two packs of barrel swivels and Matzuo Sickle Siwash hooks, check. This morning, I forwent my personal day of rest, in order to fill a short order for a Washington Lakes Report. So off I went down the trail, chucking bent pieces of metal through the light deprived, crisp morning air, deftly snagging all of the braid so gingerly placed on the river bottom. River: 2, Reel Priorities: 0. A special day indeed, as today was initiation for Seitz in to the "Bent Metal Club." Fellow spoon tossing Steelheaders, reunite!

After unsuccessfully covering a quarter mile of river bank with the spoon, Guide Trainee Seitz and I decided to work our way through the rapids, pocket water and sections of the tail out. Today, the Rainbows and Smolt were extraordinarily kind, laying waste to my sparse and carefully cured supply of Prawn. Now and then when you run out of bait, the bead ceases to work, and you've lost the desire to swing spoons through the current, the time comes to bring out the "big guns." So opens the jig box, along with the world of seemingly endless color combinations; wen in doubt, standard clinch something orange to the end of your line, and hold on tight...

The first cast out after a recommended color change, Seitz was greeted by a most welcome and familiar sight of a float sinking beneath the surface. By now, I'd already checked out mentally and I was off somewhere wandering in the bushes when I heard the faint cry of "fish on!" By the time I had scrambled out to the scene, Seitz' rod was doubled over, and a grin the size of Utah was slapped across his face. Finally, the Chrome Ghost had appeared.

She came in fast. Actually, she came in really fast, like 20 seconds fast. Now, this archetype of fish likes to take a single, breath taking 20 to 30 yard run right after the hook set, and then pretends to give up, much to the dismay of the angler once brought in too close to the river bank. It took a few "shocks" to force the last 3-44, 5 yard runs out of this hen, and a few "too close for comfort" aerial displays before I was able to utilize my Crawdad like grip to subdue our armored opponent. Pound for pound, she put up a very decent fight, got Seitz' adrenaline slamming, and gave up some killer underwater footage. In the end, everyone was happy.

A 30 minute nap on top of a 15 foot high boulder and 156 casts later, we bobbed happily up the trail, rod, reel and memories in hand.

You should enjoy all of your days off the way Reel Priorities does! After a long week of the sitting in traffic, balancing the check book and putting bacon on the table for the wife and the little drones, you deserve a fun day on the river, in luxury and relaxation, with Reel Priorities. Smiles, scent free hands and entertainment guaranteed; it's always an adventure when we're out on the river!

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